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What are QR codes? How can they help my Restaurant business?

As technology advances, you can improve your business by taking advantage of the latest technology. This is especially true in the world of restaurant businesses. One thing that you may not have considered adding to your restaurant business is the use of QR codes. This article will help you better understand what QR codes are and how they can greatly benefit your business.

What are QR Codes?

QR codes work in a similar way as a barcode works when you go shopping in any grocery or retail location. The cashier scans the barcode to ring it up, and then you cash out. QR codes contain a set of data about things on them, but they contain data both vertically and horizontally, rather than just vertically as in the case of traditional barcodes. This means that QR codes can contain a lot more information, with up to an estimated 4,000 text characters.

Most smartphones today are capable of reading QR codes, which allows businesses to take more advantage of this technology to improve their business.

But how can you use this technology to improve your restaurant business? There are a few ways that our Clover devices can help your business with the use of QR codes:

  • Accessing a digital menu
  • Allowing them to place an order directly to the kitchen.
  • Allows customers to pay for their food right from the table.

Benefits of QR Codes for Your Restaurant Business

There are several benefits that your restaurant business can gain when they start using QR codes. These benefits include:

  • Saves Money

One benefit is that this can help reduce your costs for your business. You can save money on menus, and staff, and can easily adjust your menu as needed without having to print out new menus.

  • Improved Efficiency

There’s also increased efficiency when you use QR codes because the orders are sent directly to the staff. This not only improves efficiency but can also prevent any miscommunication when it comes to your order as can sometimes happen when using servers.

  • Improves Table Turnover Times

Restaurants need to have great table turnover times in order to earn maximum profits. QR codes can improve turnover times by a potential of 10 minutes, meaning that even during your busiest times you can serve more customers.

  • More Positive Experience for Guests

Customers don’t have to worry as much about waiting for service. They don’t need to flag down servers when they are ready to order or want their check. They can order what they want and pay for their bill by using QR codes. Since this cuts down on errors, it can lead to happier guests.


The whole goal of a restaurant business is to have happier customers. If customers have a positive experience, they won’t hesitate to come back to your establishment. QR codes can be extremely helpful for your restaurant business, allowing you to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. Best of all, these systems can be easier to implement than you may think that they are. Please note, that not all our terminals will have QR code abilities, only our Clover devices offer QR code abilities. This is only some basic information on QR codes.
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