Business Cash Advance Program


Our goal is to assist small and mid-sized businesses by quickly putting working capital in your hands. As your trusted partner, we work with you to successfully leverage your business opportunities and/or debt.

How it Works

We pay you a fixed dollar amount now for a fixed percentage of your future credit card transactions until your contract obligation is fulfilled.

We support the success of your business - we only get paid when you get paid. Apply now to unlock your business' real potential.

RapidAdvance1 is a Trusted Source of Capital

RapidAdvance is institutionally funded by Goldman Sachs, with the ability to fund in excess of $100 million of merchant advances annually.

Why Businesses are Choosing a Business Cash Advance from RapidAdvance1

* No personal guarantees (Click for Details)
* No collateral pledge on your home or business
* No liens
* No points
* No fixed payment schedule
* No coupons or checks to write
* No impact on your ability to qualify for other financing
* No business use restrictions on the funding
* No hassles - quick application & fast funding

Our proprietary funding model also allows for you to qualify for the highest advances available while also serving the needs of those with less than perfect credit.

Simple Qualification

* Have you accepted Visa/MasterCard transactions for at least 6 months?
* Is your monthly credit card volume at least $2,500?
* Are all prior bankruptcies resolved?
* Do you have one year remaining on your current retail lease?

Simple Application

* Complete the free, no-obligation online application here. You'll receive your free quote within 24 hours.




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