Card One International Gift Cards

Increase sales, drive customer loyalty with your own store-branded gift cards.
Looking for ways to increase sales? Turn more transactions into repeat business—and grow customer loyalty in the process—by offering gift cards at your shop. The gift card industry shows no signs of slowing down, with 93 percent of consumers purchasing or receiving a gift card every year. Take advantage of this growing trend by participating in the First Data merchant-branded gift card program for local and regional merchants.

card1-gift-cards2When you consider that gift card recipients often spend more than the amount of their gift card, you can see how Card One Gift Card Solutions can benefit your shop. Our program can also help you:

  • Bring in new customers
  • Increase frequency of visits
  • Make your store a destination
  • Build your brand

You’ll have your gift card program up and running in no time with a variety of card designs to choose from and optional promotional materials to boost your program’s visibility. At Card One, our global experience across the full payments value chain gives us unique insights into the marketplace, allowing us to develop the most innovative and comprehensive solutions merchants need to leverage more value from every transaction.

Gift cards are stored value cards that are considered ‘pre-paid’ cards. This means that the money is paid for up-front versus having a credit line that is paid back over time. They are great tools to enhance the merchant’s brand awareness. Gift cards are small and fit easily into your customers wallet with their other credit cards, reminding them of your business every time they go to pay. Also, gift cards are a great way to attract new customers as they are given as gifts, meaning the giver endorses that company.
Card One gift card program allows the merchant to implement the program with little training to their employees, internet reporting, and low fees. Additionally when compared to a gift certificate program the amount of risk involved is lowered because gift cards are not active until they are swiped through the terminal.

 Gift Card Features

  • The Card One Gift Card solution is compatible with today’s most popular technologies – in many instances, you won’t need new equipment
  • The reloadable feature allows you to create loyal, return customers
  • Bundled packages that include gift cards and promotion materials are available at a very affordable price
  • You can create your own customized unique gift card design or select from a wide variety of standard designs
  • Reporting is available online, on your gift card processing statement, or through your terminal’s receipt paper, making it easy to have information available when you need it
  • A welcome kit that includes a merchant guide with helpful, proven marketing tips to help you create an effective plan for your gift card program

Help Your Business

  • Get more control and help reduce fraud compared to paper gift certificates as cards are not valid until activated through your terminal
  • Use your Gift Cards in various creative ways to attract customers — attractive displays, special in-store promotions, as a promotional tool at events or for local businesses, and more
  • Loyalty and repeat customers
  • Sign up and get started with minimal upfront investment


Help Your Customers

  • Customers love Gift Cards because they make gift giving easier
  • Give appealing and memorable gifts
  • Do not have to carry cash.
  • Feel more satisfied with their choices — Purchasers and receivers rate their overall satisfaction with Gift Cards as a “9” on a scale of 1-10.