Processing Services

Charge1 (Virtual terminal / Internet) Credit Card Processing

While Card One International, Inc is highly proficient in the “traditional” retail [card swipe] and Telephone Order environments, it is important to spotlight our specialty: Internet card processing. We’re very unique in that we’ve developed a proprietary Web product line and offer an all-inclusive card processing system. It includes:

  • Online Virtual Terminal where merchants can input credit card transactions and view activity online. Includes Recurring Billing, text file uploads and more.
  • Transaction Payment Gateway (an automated system whereby cardholder inputs transaction data at Merchants Web Site).
  • Credit Card Processing Account.

“Mail Order / Telephone Order [MOTO]” Credit Card Processing

Many merchants today transact business via mail order or telephone order
(“MOTO”). Card One is equipped to handle all card processing needs of these
business types. MOTO merchants can opt to use the traditional POS hardware
terminal or the “Charge1” Virtual Terminal for approving their credit card transactions.

“Retail” Credit Card Processing

Card One provides processing for all retail credit card processing
environments. We support the latest POS terminal technology providing
cardholder authorizations and settlement of funds (please see Point of Sale
[POS] Terminals).