Card One is a full-service independent banking operation providing credit card processing and related electronic payment services to merchants throughout the United States, and cardholders Internationally that buy from our merchant customers. Founded in 1998, Card One International is one of the fastest growing credit card merchant account acquirers in the nation. Card One, has quickly become a leader in the merchant bankcard business by providing cutting-edge and cost-effective solutions to merchants and sales partners, and focusing on technology-driven new products to help businesses prosper and grow. Our internal operation is comprised of:


Responsible for recruiting, registering, training, and servicing authorized resellers (AKA Channel Partners) that promote our products to merchant endusers. Card One International Channel Partners exist in many forms including, but not limited to, Independent Sales Contractors, Internet Providers, Agent Banks, Associations, Franchiser’s, and MLM (Multi-level Marketing) Providers. In addition, Sales is responsible for new product development.

New Accounts

Responsible for underwriting and setting up incoming merchant accounts. This includes documentation review, credit evaluation, financial analysis, trade and reference validation, building Merchant Identification (MIDS) files on the network system, building Terminal Identification (TIDS) numbers on point of sale systems, and sending out welcome packages.

IBS (Internet Business System) Relations

Responsible for setting up the initial Web Site, Shopping Cart, Transaction Payment Gateway, and World Wide Web Hosting for each new merchant signing up for the IBS offering. In addition, IBS Services is responsible for supporting all merchants registered on the Maintenance Service Package.

Customer Service – 24 / 7/ 365

Responsible for handling all card processing issues including, but not limited to, POS terminal support, deposits, transactions, billing statements, checking account changes, ownership changes, changes in business status, pricing, rules and regulations, and fulfillment of point of sale supplies (e.g., paper rolls, ink cartridges, etc.).

Technical Support – 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday

Responsible for handling related issues regarding our software (POS) systems and IBS products.

Chargebacks & Retrievals

Responsible for processing retrieval requests presented from cardholder banks. This includes sending correspondence to our merchant customers, requesting document copies of transactions in question, and forwarding them back to cardholders bank. Also provide training and support to merchants on tips to avoid chargebacks.

Risk Management

Responsible for monitoring cardholder fraud and merchant compliance ensuring rules and regulations are met.